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Teeth Whitening Gilbert AZ

Whitening Your Teeth For the Holidays

One of the most common questions we get about teeth whitening is regarding the cost. It seems to be one of those things that a lot of people are interested in, but they’ve heard that it can be a little costly. While professional teeth whitening is more expensive than the teeth whitening strips you buy… Read More »

General Dentistry Gilbert AZ

Do I Need a Tooth Pulled?

We recently saw a patient who came in with quite a tooth. During a rock climbing incident, they fell and landed safely. But, not everything ended well. A piece of equipment came down and hit our patient in the mouth, leaving them missing half of one of their front teeth. Though they seemed to have… Read More »

General Dentistry Gilbert AZ

What Should I Expect at a Dental Cleaning?

If you have a dental issue like a cavity, then getting it treated now can prevent further treatments that may end up being more invasive than you would like. Here, we ensure to give you the best care imaginable. Keep reading to learn all about what happens at a dental cleaning, and why it’s nothing… Read More »

General Dentistry Gilbert AZ

What Do I Do If I Have Oral Cancer?

So many things can influence your specific risk of developing oral cancer, like your age or how often you use tobacco products. We know that the word “cancer” can be a little scary, but that doesn’t mean that we should avoid discussing it. After all, understanding what increases your risk of oral cancer and what… Read More »

General Dentistry Gilbert AZ

The Three Types of Cavities and How to Avoid Them

Your sweet tooth might help you enjoy parties a little bit more but, after the cake is gone and what’s left of the ice cream is melted on the kitchen counter, what are you left with? If you’re lucky, you nabbed a copy of the mango icebox cake your host made but, if you’re not… Read More »

Gum Disease Treatment Gilbert AZ

Teeth 101: What is Plaque?

We use a lot of dental terms that you might not understand during your routine cleaning. More specifically, many of our patients understand the basics of dentistry, but probably won’t know the specifics unless they’re in the profession themselves. After all, many of our patients have been to the dentist since they were young, and… Read More »

General Dentistry Gilbert AZ

What and What Not To Eat for Your Dental Health

Want to talk teeth? Nothing gets us more excited than geeking out about dental health and how we can keep our teeth as flawless as possible. If you think about it, preventing dental damage is worth spending a little extra time on. It will help you save money and a bit of trouble in the… Read More »

Teeth Whitening Gilbert AZ

Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems Safe?

Did you know that your teeth tell us a little bit about you every time you visit us? We can’t tell everything, but we can certainly identify past teeth sins (root canal), injuries (chipped tooth), and tobacco use or even regular consumption of wine and coffee (teeth stains). Yep, your teeth tell a story, and… Read More »

Fillings Gilbert, AZ

Caries On

Caries. Do you know what word means? Dr. Garza may use the term “caries,” but you may know it be another term, tooth decay. It’s the most common form of oral disease known to man, dental caries. You probably think of them as “cavities.” But that term doesn’t really fit what’s going on. That term… Read More »

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