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Posts From March, 2018

Periodontal Disease Gilbert, AZ

Are You At Risk For Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease is an advanced oral health condition that causes bone and soft tissue loss, both of which may lead to tooth loss. Treatment can control the infection that develops with the disease, but prevention is always the best option. Understanding your risk of developing periodontal disease helps you keep your smile healthy. What Causes Periodontal… Read More »

Periodontal Treatment Gilbert, AZ

Getting To The Root Of Things

One of the most amazing experiences of springtime is planting a little seed and watching it grow into a beautiful, vibrant blossom. The root system of our flowers keeps the plants healthy, nourished and bountiful for months to come. The same is true when discussing the roots of our teeth. Periodic dental exams and cleanings… Read More »

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