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Posts From June, 2018

Teeth Whitening Gilbert AZ

Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems Safe?

Did you know that your teeth tell us a little bit about you every time you visit us? We can’t tell everything, but we can certainly identify past teeth sins (root canal), injuries (chipped tooth), and tobacco use or even regular consumption of wine and coffee (teeth stains). Yep, your teeth tell a story, and… Read More »

Cosmetic Orthodontic Gilbert AZ

Orthodontics, But Better: The Basics of Dr. Garza’s Methodology

So, you’re not quite satisfied with your smile. We understand and are here to help by using some of the most advanced Orthodontics in the industry. Dr. Garza is trained in a different form of Orthodontics than what you might be familiar with. Controlled Arch Orthodontics is an advanced version of orthodontics that teaches practitioners… Read More »

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