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How To Prepare For An Extraction

Sleep Dentistry Gilbert, AZWhile we may not like the idea of having teeth removed, extractions happen to the best of us. When we recommend an extraction, we explain what to expect from the procedure. You should also take some time to prepare for the aftercare. Here are some of the best ways to prepare for your tooth extraction.

Breakfast — The Most Important Meal

The day of your extraction appointment has arrived, and you may feel a bit nervous about the procedure. Taking time for a nice breakfast helps you relax and prepares you for the day ahead. About an hour before your appointment, eat a light snack. These meals get you through the hours after the extraction when you may not be able to eat. Be sure not to eat too much, but only enough to feel satisfied.

Stock Up on the Right Food

Being hungry and not having the right kinds of food can make your extraction recovery difficult. Fortunately, after having a tooth removed you can have some tasty treats. Here are some of our favorite yummies for the post-extraction period.

  • Fruit smoothies: Make sure that the consistency is very smooth because you will not be able to chew.
  • Juices: Mix up some exotic flavors, such as passion fruit and mango. If you are making fresh juice, make sure to avoid fruits that have seeds, such as strawberries and kiwi.
  • Yogurt: You can have flavored or plain, just avoid anything that might have seeds or nuts. You can even blend the yogurt with fruit juice or have it as part of your smoothies.
  • Ice cream: This lovely tooth soothes your mouth, but be careful not to get “brain freeze” or trigger sensitivity in your teeth. Eat small amounts rather than large spoonsful.
  • Jello and pudding: Grab a supply of your favorite flavor and eat up!

Don’t forget the protein. The sugary options need to be balanced with protein. Add a little tofu to your smoothie!

After the Extraction

For the next few hours, you will need to stay relaxed and not use your mouth. This includes not talking, drinking or eating. A piece of gauze will be placed over the area to help a blood clot form. Also avoid anything that requires sucking, such as drinking from a straw and smoking.

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