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Orthodontics, But Better: The Basics of Dr. Garza’s Methodology

Cosmetic Orthodontic Gilbert AZSo, you’re not quite satisfied with your smile. We understand and are here to help by using some of the most advanced Orthodontics in the industry. Dr. Garza is trained in a different form of Orthodontics than what you might be familiar with. Controlled Arch Orthodontics is an advanced version of orthodontics that teaches practitioners how to understand how and why the malocclusion came to be. Essentially, Dr. Garza is able to help your teeth and jaws do what they tried to do naturally.

Because standard orthodontics stems from a different methodology, it also has very different results. Though some have satisfactory results with standard orthodontics, others have found to have a new host of problems. For example, because standard orthodontics is retractive (pushing teeth and jaws back toward the airway), it can cause Obstructive Sleep Apnea, airway compromise, and TMJD as well as structural issues within the face. Imagine going to a Dr. for help with an issue, only to have even more serious issues when your “treatment” is complete!

Instead of simply straightening the teeth, Dr. Garza utilizes many different techniques for a well-rounded treatment designed to benefit your entire system. Keep reading for a quick breakdown of all the techniques Dr. Garza uses to find the best treatment for your specific issue.

  • Epigenetics

Epigenetics is the study of physical changes in an organisms that is caused by anything other than DNA. Epigenetic “drivers” include pollution levels, radioactivity, viruses, pesticides, and day-to-day factors like viruses and basic nutrients.

  • Myofunctional therapy

Myofunctional therapy concerns the proper placement of the tongue, jaw, and also proper movement of the parts of the mouth during breathing, eating, and speaking.

  • Growth Guidance

Growth Guidance is the practice of monitoring the growth of the teeth and jaw structure of young patients before they may be considered ready for full Orthodontic treatment. By keeping track of growth, Dr. Garza is able to track and recommend Orthodontic care at the best time for the most ideal outcome.

In short, Dr. Garza doesn’t just look to make your smile more appealing, he looks to bring out the natural beauty in the structure of your face and smile.

Is it time to improve your smile? Call us today at 480-539-7979 to book a consultation with Dr. Garza.

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