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It’s Time To Take The Crown

Dental Crowns and Bridges Gilbert AZ Crowns and bridges are used in a variety of situations to protect the natural teeth and replacing teeth that are missing. As much as we may wish that dental crowns and bridges lasted forever, even these amazing dental appliances have limited lifetimes. Fortunately, the average lifespan of crowns and bridges is well over a decade, but things do happen, and you may need to replace the bridge or crown sooner rather than later.

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Dr. Garza uses several types of dental appliances to improve your smile. Crowns and bridges are amongst the most common solutions for oral health issues. These appliances can be made of various materials, such as porcelain, acrylic, metal alloys and ceramic. A crown fits over the entire tooth and is typically recommended for covering a weak, discolored or fractured tooth. A bridge is a combination of two crowns and a series of replacement teeth. The crowns are on either end, and the replacement teeth are in the middle.

Using Crowns and Bridges

Using crowns and bridges requires the removal of enamel from the recipient’s tooth and attaching the appliance with an adhesive. The appliance is intended to remain in place for several years, so the adhesive is quite strong. Should the crown or bridge fail for any reason, it will need to be removed. Considering the strong bond of the appliance to the tooth, removal can be challenging. Traditional techniques involve prying, pulling or cutting the crown from the tooth, and this may damage the tooth.

Innovative Crown Removal by Dr. John Garza

Dr. Garza knows firsthand the limitations of traditional crown removal techniques and tools. He has used his expertise in dentistry to develop a unique crown removal tool that reduces the time to remove the appliance while enhancing patient comfort. The introduction of the tool has resulted in exceptional patient satisfaction and procedural outcomes.

Do You Have a Failed Crown or Bridge? Contact Dr. John A. Garza.

Removing a failed crown or bridge may have adverse effects on your natural teeth. Dr. John A. Garza has developed a solution that safely removes the appliance while protecting the integrity of the natural tooth. To learn more about crown and bridge removal, cosmetic orthodontics, CEREC and our other services, contact Dr. John A. Garza. You can call our Gilbert, Arizona, office directly at (480) 539-7979.

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