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What Is the Process of Obtaining a Dental Bridge?

When faced with tooth loss, patients need to work with a dentist they know and trust to obtain a replacement. Replacement options vary, and each one has its benefits. Patients who are seeking a permanent restoration in the area of Gilbert, AZ yet want an affordable repair may be interested in finding out more about dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a ceramic restoration made to fill in the space left behind from a tooth with a false tooth. The false tooth is combined to crowns on each side which use the adjacent teeth for support. The dental bridge can be used to replace one or more teeth within a dental arch as long as there are existing teeth in place surrounding the space left behind.

How is a dental bridge fabricated and placed?

Dental bridges require preparations to the surrounding teeth. These teeth are prepared by the dentist who removes a portion of the tooth’s natural enamel to accommodate the thickness of the new dental crown being placed. An impression is made, which services as a model for the creation of the bridge’s crowns. This information is sent off to a dental laboratory where a ceramist will fabricate the new restoration. A temporary bridge is placed in the area while the permanent bridge is being created so patients can still eat, speak, and smile in the meantime. When the dental bridge is complete, patients return to the dental office to have it bonded in place.

Who is a candidate for a dental bridge?

Patients who have a healthy smile and adjacent teeth may be a desirable candidate for a dental bridge. To be sure, we encourage patients to book an appointment and evaluation with our team to determine candidacy.

Curious if a dental bridge is right for your smile?

Contact Dr. John A. Garza to discuss your options for tooth replacement. The practice can be reached by calling (480) 539-7979, and is located in Suite 106 at 754 S. Val Vista Drive in Gilbert, AZ. New patients are encouraged to make an appointment and build a lasting business relationship with our team.

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