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Misunderstood Sugar

General Dentistry Gilbert AZWhen it comes to dental health, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around out there. Whether you’ve picked up bad teeth intel from television, a friend, or even a poorly worded article, it may be affecting how you treat your teeth. We try to help you maintain the best smile you can, which is why we want to bust a few dental myths for you. Keep reading to see if you knew how sugar worked.

Sugar is Sugar

While we love sugar as much as the next person, it’s pretty clear that sugar is bad for your teeth. That’s why we try to minimize our sugary treats as much as possible. But, did you know that the way you cut down on your sugar may actually be causing more potential damage to your teeth? What if we told you eating all your candy all at once might actually be better for your teeth than what you’re doing?

That’s right, but let us explain. Let’s say you have a certain amount of candy set aside to eat for the day (maybe some leftover Halloween candy that’s been sitting in the bowl, tempting you). If you decide to just eat all of that candy all at once, you may actually be making a better choice than if you spread out the candy throughout the day.

It all comes down to the time your teeth are exposed to danger. When you eat sugar (in the form of candy, sugar, or other treats), the bacteria in your mouth take twenty seconds to turn that sugar into acid. This acid then tends to hang around in your mouth for around thirty minutes afterwards, where it can start doing damage. If you eat your candy all at once, you’re only exposing your teeth to dangerous acid for a little longer than thirty minutes (or however long it takes you to eat it all, plus thirty minutes after the last piece). If you eat a piece every thirty minutes, for example, you could be exposing your teeth to dangerous acid for hours.

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