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Most Common Tooth Injuries

Cracked Tooth | Gilbert, AZIf you’ve just had your teeth whitened or had other work done, you may be more cautious about keeping your teeth healthy and happy. We couldn’t agree with that sentiment more, and we hate to see any of our patients experiencing pain from tooth injury. Keep reading to learn about some of the most tooth injuries and how we can help you if you do hurt your teeth.

Cracked Tooth

You may crack a tooth while skiing down the mountain or just biting a piece of hard food at the wrong angle. A cracked tooth is especially more likely if you have a weakened tooth due to a past root canal or other injury. But, a cracked tooth doesn’t always mean a big, scary appointment. Depending on where the crack falls on the tooth, you may be able to get by with a crown. Unfortunately, if the crack falls deep into the tooth, it may lead to the tooth dying.

You may not notice that you’ve injured or cracked a tooth until you see us, as sometimes there’s no pain or discomfort. As mentioned above, it all depends on where the crack falls, and you may experience pain or discomfort while eating hot or cold things very soon after your injury. You may require the tooth to be removed, and an implant to be placed if the crack is severe.

Fractured Root

The root of your tooth can also experience a crack or injury. A fractured root is more concerning, since the root of the tooth keeps the entire tooth alive. If you have knocked your teeth, and you fear you may have injured your tooth, give us a call to check it out. Sometimes, this injury won’t be immediate noticeable, but it can still cause infection and a damaged tooth.

Remember, it’s important to take care of your teeth and wear protective gear if you’re participating in active sports. See your dentist regularly, and make sure to make an appointment if you have knocked your teeth hard either playing sports or just while out and about. Call us today at (480) 539-7979 to schedule an appointment.

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