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What and What Not To Eat for Your Dental Health

General Dentistry Gilbert AZWant to talk teeth? Nothing gets us more excited than geeking out about dental health and how we can keep our teeth as flawless as possible. If you think about it, preventing dental damage is worth spending a little extra time on. It will help you save money and a bit of trouble in the future. So without further ado, read to learn about one of the best (and worst) things you can eat when it comes to your teeth.

Best Foods

Dark, Leafy Vegetables

Oddly, some of the best foods you can eat for your health are also really good for your dental health. Dark, leafy vegetables that are high in fiber will need to be chewed longer, which is great for your teeth. When sugar or other debris sit on the teeth for too long, your enamel can weaken and end up getting damaged. Hello, cavities.

Thankfully, when you chew those fibrous veggies, they’ll help loosen up sugar and other food sitting on the teeth. Think of the fiber as a little extra scrubbing before you can make your way back to your toothbrush. Chewing also helps stimulate more saliva production, which can help protect teeth. Avoid possible damage by making sure nothing is stuck in your teeth when you’re done!

Worst Foods


When winter comes, we stock up on the oranges to keep away colds. When spring comes, what citrus do we reach for the most? Lemons. Lemons are the best in warm weather, and a bit of lemonade is perfect on a hot day. But did you know that citrus can cause damage to our enamel faster than you can say, “How refreshing”?

This is due to the acidic nature of citrus. Tooth decay can be linked to high intake of citrus, so don’t even think about biting into a lemon to prove how tough you are. Squeezing a wedge of lemon into your water might be a better option, but be careful and consider going without lemon a little more often.

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