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Four Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth replacement options are a wonderful method of restoring the smile after extractions, trauma, or natural tooth loss. Patients in the Gilbert, AZ community and beyond can work with a dedicated dental professional who provides highly desired solutions including dental implants.

Understanding dental implants

These titanium metal posts are used by dentists to provide patients with the optimal method of tooth replacement. These versatile restorations are placed during oral surgery into the bone and act as a false root structure that is solidified into the patient’s jaw for proper function and beauty.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Many patients choose dental implants because of the multiple advantages they provide:

  • Improved stability and strength – because dental implants are inserted into the bone of the jaw and are held in place with natural bone growth, they are stronger than any other alternative available. This allows patients to eat and speak with confidence!
  • Easy maintenance – dental implants don’t require any additional care than the rest of the smile. Patients can brush and floss their tooth replacements as they do the rest of their smile without any extra attention to the area.
  • Maintenance of the jawbone – once tooth loss occurs, the bone of the jaw may naturally begin to shrink through a process known as dental resorption. This can cause the jaw to look “sunken in” and is common in patients who wear dentures. With the placement of one or more dental implants, the bone and the structure of the face can be maintained.
  • Natural appearance – dental implants themselves are titanium metal, but they are restored over the top with porcelain restorations including dental crowns, dental bridges, or full dentures. This ensures that they look like the natural teeth and blend in with the existing smile.

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Dr. John A. Garza and his team service patients in and around the area of Gilbert, AZ. If you have considered dental implants and want to discuss this option further with a dental professional, we welcome you to call the office at (480) 539-7979. The practice is located in Suite 106 at 754 South Val Vista Drive.

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