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How to address a dental emergency?

A dental emergency could mean anything from a lost filling to a chipped tooth. Gilbert, AZ patients who are dealing with these concerns will need to address them as soon as possible to protect the smile from serious problems, including dental infections and tooth decay. Patients interested in learning how to respond to their dental emergencies are encouraged to read on to learn when they should give the practice of Dr. John A. Garza a call!

Loose restorations

Should a dental fillings or a porcelain crown become loose or fall out, it is essential that patients let us know as soon as possible. restorations that are compromised or lost can expose a tooth to bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay and periodontal infections without appropriate treatment. Patients in this situation should avoid drinks and foods that are sugary as they can cause added discomfort and sensitivity.

Chipped teeth

The enamel of teeth is strong, but it is not completely protected from damage. Chips and fractures can occur while biting down on a hard food or object of when the mouth is impacted during high-impact sports. Fortunately, Dr. John A. Garza can repair chipped teeth in one visit. Patients should bring any pieces of the tooth with them, if possible, to their appointment, and should us a cold compress on the face to reduce swelling. Visiting the dentist as soon as possible will keep problems such as infection from occurring.

Knocked-out teeth

When a tooth is knocked out due to impact to the mouth, it is important for patients to keep the tooth whenever possible. The tooth should be held by the crown and not by the root. Under running water, carefully rinse the tooth to gently remove dirt and debris without disturbing the tissues. Try to return the tooth to the socket and bite down with gauze to hold it in place on the way to your dentist. Patients can also put the tooth in a glass of salt water or milk and bring it to their appointment to attempt reattachment.

Are you experiencing a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies require the care and attention of an experienced dental professional to address. If you live in Gilbert, AZ or the surrounding communities and are impacted by a dental emergency, connect with our staff today to be seen by our dentist. Dr. John A. Garza can be reached by calling (480) 539-7979.

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