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Do I Need a Tooth Pulled?

General Dentistry Gilbert AZWe recently saw a patient who came in with quite a tooth. During a rock climbing incident, they fell and landed safely. But, not everything ended well. A piece of equipment came down and hit our patient in the mouth, leaving them missing half of one of their front teeth. Though they seemed to have calmed down after the incident, we completely understand why they wanted to make a quick appointment with us. There’s nothing like missing part of a tooth to strike a little extra stress into your day!

Keep reading to learn about when you may need a tooth pulled, and what we can do to help when you have a severely damaged tooth.

Tooth Extraction

Usually, if the damage is severe and impacts the root or the pulp of the tooth, it is unlikely that the tooth can continue living. A damaged root generally leads to a dark, dead tooth that is more brittle and prone to breaking in the future. Removing the tooth is best to prevent pain and keep the health of your mouth intact.

Local anesthesia is used during tooth extraction usually, so the area feels no discomfort as the tooth is removed. If the damage is severe, there is more than one tooth that needs removal, or you have an impacted tooth, then general anesthesia might be a better option.

Dental Implants

A missing tooth may spell trouble as time goes by. A whistle may develop around a missing tooth, and you may find yourself unable to chew certain foods that you like to eat. Your jaw bone density may also decrease over time, due to the loss of the tooth above it.

Implants can help maintain the health of your mouth by encouraging your jaw alignment, speech, and eating habits to stay right where they are. Replacing the tooth as soon as it is gone can help prevent complications from a missing tooth.

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If you have recently encountered an issue with your teeth, it’s important to see us before too much time goes by. Treatment is easiest and the best results come from quick action. If you want more information about your options, contact us  by calling (480) 539-7979 to schedule a consultation today.

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