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Teeth Extractions: Are They Necessary?

Not many of us worry about having to have a tooth pulled, thankfully. But, it does affect many people who have had issues with their teeth either through genetics or environment. If you’ve neglected taking care of your teeth, or just had an accident that broke your tooth, you may need to consider having it pulled. Keep reading to learn about tooth extraction and when it’s suggested.

Tooth Extraction

You may have a tooth that needs to be pulled because it was broken in an accident or decay has withered it away, but there are always options to help you keep your beautiful smile. Often, implants are suggested to help maintain the health and look of your mouth, and they are more common than you may think. If the damage is only superficial, and the tooth is still alive, then you may not need an extraction at all. Sometimes a crown can help fix the issue.

Why Tooth Extraction?

Though your teeth are designed to last throughout your lifetime, permanent teeth can be affected by a myriad of issues that make that an impossibility. If you have a tooth that is doing more harm than good, it is time to look into having it pulled.

Consider this: if you have a tooth that is badly damaged by decay, a tooth that has been broken due to an accident, or even if you have other concerns, removing a tooth could be the best course of action. Maybe your mouth is a little crowded, and your teeth are all fighting for space. Removing a tooth can give your other teeth healthy amounts of space in your mouth.

There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend pulling a tooth. Your circumstances and teeth may be different from someone else who just needed a crown, so it’s important to avoid rushing into a decision. Ask questions and make sure that you have all of the important information before you proceed with any procedure, but especially tooth extraction.

Sometimes we may be able to avoid extracting a tooth and look toward other options. Call us today at 480-539-7979 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Garza.

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