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The Three Types of Cavities and How to Avoid Them

General Dentistry Gilbert AZYour sweet tooth might help you enjoy parties a little bit more but, after the cake is gone and what’s left of the ice cream is melted on the kitchen counter, what are you left with? If you’re lucky, you nabbed a copy of the mango icebox cake your host made but, if you’re not so lucky then what? You may have added a little more fuel to the fire on your molar. Yes, you may have just aggravated a new cavity. While some people have all the luck and seem to never get cavities, it can feel that way to other people with more sensitive teeth. Keep reading to learn about the three types of cavities and how to avoid all of them.

Smooth Surface Decay

Drinking soda, eating sugar, and then not taking care of your teeth can lead to excess plaque settling onto the smooth parts (i.e. the sides) of your teeth. Make sure to brush regularly and floss to keep your smooth surfaces clean and free of cavity-causing plaque.

Pit and Fissure Decay

Plaque can get trapped very easily in the top of your molars and, if left there long enough, can cause a very painful cavity. Brushing every part of your teeth thoroughly can help you properly clean each of the little fissures in your back teeth, preventing cavities in the process.

Root Decay

Avoiding decay at the roots of your teeth is very important. Keep the roots of your teeth protected by brushing gently, which will help prevent receding gums. Once the roots are exposed, they are very susceptible to decay and damage. If you suffer from dry mouth due to medications or drink a lot of dehydrating drinks (such as coffee or tea), consider drinking more water to keep yourself hydrated and your teeth protected from cavities caused by dry mouth.

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