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TMJ: What is That Sound?

TMJ/TMD Treatment | Gilbert AZThere’s nothing so exciting as growing older. You become more sure of yourself and what you’re doing. You understand a little more about how the world works, and you may even find yourself helping younger people navigate this wonderful place. But, growing older isn’t always a good thing. Our bodies tend to not know how to keep up with our minds, and we may find ourselves with a few ailments. We need glasses and wear more comfortable shoes. But, we may also find that our jaw isn’t working as it should, and we may even experience issues chewing or talking. Keep reading to learn about TMJ and how we can help you with these unfortunate issues.

What is TMJ?

Your jaw isn’t simple, but it is streamlined. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is like a sliding hinge which connects your jaw to your skull. Each side of your jaw has one joint, and when they are in good health, everything runs smoothly. Issues with this joint can cause pain and affect the muscles that control the movement of your jaw.

How do I know if my issue is TMJ?

Certain signs can help you indicate that there is a problem. Signs and symptoms of TMJ disorders often include pain in the jaw, pain in the jaw joints, pain in or around your ear, difficulty chewing, pain while chewing, facial pain, or inhibited movement of the jaw.

You may also experience a clicking sound or grating sensation when you open your mouth to speak or chew. If you just have clicking sounds, but no other issues with your jaw, then you likely do not need treatment for a TMJ disorder.

Do I need to see a doctor?

If you have pain that consistently affects you, tenderness in the jaw, or if you have issues opening and closing your jaw, then seeing a doctor can help you understand what is going on. We can also help you identify the right plan of action to help treat your TMJ.

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