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CEREC Crowns

Crowns and Bridges | John A. Garza, DDS | Gilbert, AZ

Placing a typical dental crown can be an extensive process. This involves impressions, temporary crowns, and weeks of time. That is why Dr. Garza offers CEREC crowns in his Gilbert, AZ office. CEREC crowns are the latest in crown technology, allowing for placement in a single visit.

During your visit, Dr. Garza will prepare your tooth. This includes shaving down a portion to allow room for the crown. Then, photographs and measurements are taken for our CEREC system. This avoids the need for trays and impression material. Next, Dr. Garza and you will consult about the look of the crown. Once you are both in agreement, the CEREC system will create the crown for Dr. Garza to immediately place.

Your new CEREC crowns are just as strong and durable as a traditional crown. In addition, patients require no downtime. Besides some minimal soreness patients can return to their daily activities, including eating, the same day.

The Cerec dental Onlay procedure is conservative, done in one visit. The Onlay is designed right in front of you and fits accurate to 10 microns! A hair is 60 microns. Your onlays will never be cemented here. Cement is cheap and breaks down at 6 years. Our Cerec onlays are bonded. Bonding is expensive but will increase the longevity of your Onlay 2 to 3 fold. Onlays are amazing and simple. We want only the best for you. No one in Arizona has done more Cerec onlays than Dr Garza.


Dental bridges are a restorative option that provides patients with a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. When patients are missing teeth they can experience stress on their jaw, their teeth can shift, and bone loss can occur. Missing teeth should not go unreplaced, this is why Dr. Garza offers many options for replacement, such as bridges.

There are three types of dental bridges including traditional, resin, and cantilever. Each is used on different types of teeth and offer their own benefits. Dr. Garza will advise which bridge is best for you during your first visits. In addition, the teeth will be prepared for the bridge and impressions will be taken.

Next, the impressions will be sent to the fabrication lab. After they are complete, patients will return to the office for placement. Dr. Garza will remove the previously placed temporary bridge and cement it to your teeth. Patients will need to be cautious of the food they eat for a short period of time but otherwise should not have a problem with recovery and their newly placed bridge.


Crowns & Bridges | John A. Garza, DDS | Gilbert, AZ

For patients that aren’t missing an entire tooth are sometimes not candidates for CEREC crowns or a bridge. However, there is an alternative option. Onlays are partial crowns that allow Dr. Garza to preserve what is left of your tooth while increasing the strength of the tooth. Onlays are similar to fillings except that they are the stronger and longer lasting solution. With proper placement and care, onlays can last between 10 to 30 years.

Onlay placement does require a dental visits to our Gilbert office. First, Dr. Garza will remove the decayed part of the tooth and prepare the remaining part. Then, impressions are taken. Patients will receive a temporary sealant to protect the tooth until the second visit. Finally, patients will come in for their new onlay. Dr. Garza will bond it to the tooth and polish it for a smooth finish.

Dental Fillings

Similar to onlays, fillings are used to fix cracked, broken, or damaged teeth. During the procedure, patients will be numbed. Then, Dr. Garza will remove the decay and bacteria from the tooth. Dr. Garza uses a multilayer process to fill the cavity with a range of materials. These will vary by patient but can include resin, glass, quartz, or porcelain.

After the procedure is done patients can leave the office with a fully intact tooth. With the proper hygiene and care, dental fillings can last about 10 years. They do not last forever though so patients can return to Dr. Garza for a new filling when the time is right.


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