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Dental Onlays Gilbert AZ

What Is a Dental Onlay?

An Onlay is a partial crown that allows for the preservation of your precious enamel. It is a jig-saw piece of porcelain that is required when a filling (patch) isn’t strong enough to protect the integrity of the tooth. Onlays are technically more demanding than a full coverage crown and the dentist is compensated less for working harder. Dr. Garza cuts less and will preserve as much of your enamel as possible.

Benefits of  Onlays

Unlike traditional fillings which can decrease the strength of the natural tooth, onlays can increase it’s strength. Onlays are also a long lasting solution, as they often last anywhere between 10 to 30 years. A dentist may choose to use an onlay as an alternative to a crown on a tooth that does not have extensive damage.

Dental Onlay Procedure

An onlay procedure requires two separate dental appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Garza will remove the decaying portion of the tooth. He will then prepare the remaining tooth for the onlay. In order to ensure that the onlay will fit properly, an impression of the tooth is taken during this first visit. A temporary sealant will be placed in the exposed portion of the tooth to protect the area until the secondary visit.

During the second appointment, Dr. Garza will remove the sealant. Then, he will check to ensure that the onlay is fitted correctly to the tooth. Once this checks out, the onlay is bonded to the tooth and finished with a smooth polish.

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