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Custom Orthotics

What is an Orthotic?

An orthotic is an acrylic (plastic) shaped like teeth to restore the bite into proper function. It covers all of teeth and can be removable or fixed (bonded onto the teeth). An orthotic allows for restored function. So, you can eat and talk it in. Orthotics rehabilitate patients back to health but are just tools used to find the physiologic position (harmony of the TMJ, muscles and teeth). Think of orthotics as physical therapy for healthy TMJ and function.

As a teacher, the appearance of Yvonne’s teeth and smile are important to her. After treatment with Dr. Garza, Yvonne’s symptoms are gone and she has a new smile she is proud to show off.

What is an Orthotic vs Nightguard and Splint?

A splint is an acrylic (plastic) used to stabilize the bite and TMJ (Joints) only. These do not rehabilitate and are not functional. Think of splints as crutches used for trauma.
A mouth guard is a piece of rubber that covers the teeth. It will help to protect the teeth from bad function (bruxism). Mouth guards are not functional, do not stabilize, and do not rehabilitate bad function to health. Think of mouth guards as a band aid that wear out.

“Dr. Garza and his staff are amazing! They care about your concerns and explain all your options in great detail so that you can make the most informed decision on your dental care plan. They have made me a patient for life. Many thanks.” – Sherrie

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Am I a Candidate for an Orthotic?

You are a candidate for an orthotic if you have a TMJ disorder (popping and clicking, grading sounds), flat, worn or clefted teeth, jaw pain, ear issues (vertigo, tinnitus), and/ or neck (postural) issues, NM/Physiologic disharmony.
Orthotics rehabilitate bad function to health and proper function. Orthotics are not a solution but rather a reversible tool, hence there are no risks with this treatment, provided the protocol is followed under Dr. Garza’s guidelines. Orthotics can be removed and/or discarded.

Lila shares her journey on how she started working with Dr. John Garza and the treatment plan that helped changed her life.

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